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Muse Asia to launch Muse India YouTube channel for Indian Anime Viewers in April , 2022

Muse India will be live on YouTube on April 3rd , 2022 !

Launching on 3rd April on YouTube

Southeast Asia’s as well as South Asia’s Anime licensing company Muse Communication famously known as Muse Asia has announced that they are going to launch a new YouTube channel for called ” Muse India ” , a sister channel to its main YouTube channel ” Muse Asia ” especially for its Indian Anime watchers on April 3rd , 2022 .

The channel is advertising The Titles which are going to be uploaded on Muse India YouTube channel at the time of launch on April 3 will be KAGUYA SAMA : LOVE IS WAR ! , BOFURI & SABIKUI BISCO which are already available on main Muse YouTube channel.

These titles are advertised to be uploaded on Muse India YouTube channel on April 3rd

1. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
episode 5 starting from 3rd April 19:00 (UTC+5.5)
Two episodes back-to-back!!
(Limited time ONLY until 18th April 2022) .

2. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Starting from April 3rd at 20:00 (UTC+5.5).

3. Sabikui Bisco Starting from April 3rd at 21:00 (UTC+5.5).

Muse India YouTube channel

More titles will be also announced by the channel soon.

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Muse India – https://youtube.com/channel/UCYYhAzgWuxPauRXdPpLAX3Q

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