June 15, 2024

Marvel HQ will be renamed to Super Hungama effective from March 1st , 2022.

The new channel will start from March 1st , 2022

Disney india has announced that they are going to Rebrand one of its existing kid’s tv channel & launch a new kid’s TV Channel named ” Super Hungama ” which’s formerly known as “Marvel HQ” will live on 1st March, 2022. The launch date of ” Super Hungama ” was originally scheduled for December 11th , 2021 but it got delayed by the officials.

“As Disney, we have always enjoyed a great affinity and loyalty among our fans; emerging as a network that they want to spend the most time with. Kids have looked at us to be their constant companion as our stories and characters have become an integral part of their lives and they have started enjoying the world through us. Given this, we thought this was a perfect opportunity to strengthen our multiplex of offerings and make a wholesome addition to our portfolio of channels,”

said Kevin Vaz – Head – Network Entertainment Channels, Disney Star

Since inception, the channel has embodied the spirit of fun and laughter that epitomizes childhood and now the network is extending the promise of the brand with a new destination – Super Hungama. With programming targeting 8-12 years, inclusive of boys and girls; Super Hungama aims to be a friend, an ally to the kids as they embark on new adventures through narratives that are fun, imaginative, and full of energy while introducing them to aspirational and courageous heroes who inspire them.

“Hungama has always been a clear favourite among kids, because it has personified the world of a child as he or she sees it, bringing in lots of memorable moments filled with friendship, fun, mischief and a riot of laughter. With Super Hungama, we are creating a whole new dimension to an already popular destination by celebrating all the fun the kids have as well as partnering with them on their adventures. We are only optimistic that we will be able to entertain a larger section of fans and become a friend that they trust and enjoy,” he added.

Regarding its Programing line-ups , the channel is set to premiere four brand new series titled Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Milo Murphy’s Law, Big City Greens and The Daltons along with its acquired anime / other tv series like Pokémon, Beyblade, Supa Strikas and much more. The promotional videos of super Hungama’s premiere shows are currently running on marvel HQ now.

Super Hungama programing line ups are:- Pokémon , Beyblade , Big City Greens , the Daltons , Buzz Lightyear…etc

Source : @ Indian Television & Marvel HQ

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