June 14, 2024

As Sony YAY! celebrates its 7th anniversary since its channel launch, the Indian broadcaster delights its audience with exciting news: the addition of the beloved Japanese TV show, Shin chan, to its  network. Sony YAY ! will Broadcast it from May 20 , Every Monday to Friday at 11am in Multiple Dubs.

©Usui Yoshito/futabasha,Shin-ei,Tv Asahi © Sony YAY

Shin chan, a cute and fun-loving five-year-old kindergartener, is known for his antics that keep viewers entertained. TV Asahi describes the story as:

“This is Shin chan. He might look like an ordinary 5-year-old kindergartner….. but looks can be deceiving. There’s never a dull moment when Shin chan is around. He’s a cute and fun-loving five-year-old kindergartener who just cannot resist pretty ladies. His mother Misae can’t stand losing, and gets hysterical whenever her two kids are behaving naughty in public. Hiroshi, the dad, is an average office worker who has smelly feet, but at the end, is a reliable provider of the Nohara family. The baby sister is Himawari who loves cute boys and shiny bright gems, and their pet dog Shiro which was found and brought home by Shin chan. Whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off of Shin chan. Without a moment of notice, he can turn the calmest and most peaceful day upside down!”

According to Sony YAY! business head, Leena Lele Dutta, “With its endearing characters that have created connect across the globe, we are excited to welcome Shinchan to the Sony YAY! family. We are confident that Shinchan’s charm and mischief will resonate with our viewers.”

This collaboration has been equally anticipated by TV Asahi’s international business department animation sales and development head, Maiko Sumida, who stated, “We are excited to partner with Sony YAY! and look forward to the comprehensive 360-degree footprint generation for Shinchan. We look forward to further growing the Shinchan brand in India through this collaboration.”

Shin chan joins the impressive lineup of popular shows already airing on Sony YAY!, including Naruto Shippuden , Oggy and the Cockroaches, Honey Bunny, and more. With regional language feeds available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla, and Odiya, Sony YAY! continues to cater to diverse audiences across India.

** Currently Shinchan is airing with both original Hindi Dubbed & Redubbed versions ( censor Dubbed episodes of old episodes )on Hungama TV in Hindi , Tamil and Telugu Dubbed **

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