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Pokemon Is Now Available On Amazon Prime Video in India

Pokémon The Anime Series ( S1 to S5 ) now available for Viewing on Prime Video 🇮🇳 in English , Hindi , Tamil & Telugu Dubbed

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In an unexpected turn of events, Amazon Prime Video has dropped a bombshell for Pokemon fans across India. Today, the popular streaming platform quietly released seasons 1 to 5 of the beloved anime series, much to the surprise and delight of fans.This move comes as a delightful shock, as Amazon Prime has not made any official announcement regarding the addition of Pokemon to its streaming library. Currently Pokémon Season 1-5 are available to Stream in 4 multiple languages , i.e- English , Hindi , Tamil and Telugu on Prime video

As of now, Amazon Prime has not made any official announcement regarding the release of the Pokemon series. However, the surprise debut of seasons 1 to 5 on the platform has sparked excitement among fans, who eagerly await news about the availability of future seasons & Movies on the platform.

Pokémon Anime Availability In India: Where to Watch Each Season

Availablity of Pokémon on various Platforms in India 🇮🇳


• Fans have many options to catch up on their favorite Pokemon episodes and movies in India. You can stream up to 18 Seasons of Pokémon along with 21 movies, all available for free viewing in regional languages on Jiocinema.


• For Those Who prefer YouTube , You can also watch your Favourite Anime series for free In English and your preferred regional languages on YouTube. Pokemon seasons ( 10-13 , 17-19 & 23-25 ) are available for English Speaking Viewers for free on Pokémon Asia Eng YouTube Channel. For Regional language lovers , You can only stream the latest Seasons ( 23-25 ) in Hindi , Tamil , Telugu & Bengali Dubbed on Pokemon Official Hindi / Tamil / Telugu / Bengali Channels respectively.


• Pokémon The Movie Mewtwo Strike Back EVOLUTION & Pokemon Concierge ( Netflix original ) are available on Netflix in English as well in Hindi Dubbed

TV ( Disney Networks )

Moreover, for viewers who prefer traditional television broadcasts, You can find The Series and The Films only on Disney Networks ( Disney channel , Hungama TV & Super Hungama ) in Regional languages

** However , The Other seasons ( Season 20 – 22 ) in between and Pokémon Horizons: The Series ( 2023 ) Not streaming anywhere in India currently. **

Source – Amazon Prime Video

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