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Hungama TV Premieres Pokemon The Movie : Kyurem vs the Swords of Justice a.k.a ” Kyurem ka Muqabala ” premieres on June 27 , 2020

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Hungama TV announced that Pokémon the movie : Kyurem vs The Swords of Justice Will Premiere on Disney channel India’s Sister channel , Hungama TV on 27th June , Saturday morning at 10am Pokémon The Movie : Kyurem Ka Muqabala , 27th June at 10am only on Hungama tv in HINDI || TAMIL || TELUGU On 20th June , Pokémon the movie : Victini And Reshiram was aired on Hungama tv for the first time in Indian television at 10am… Here’s the Summary /Synopsis During a train trip, Ash and friends spot an injured Pokémon they don ‘t recognize. They’re planning a rescue when the train is attacked by the Legendary Kyurem! Ash and the others manage to get the unfamiliar Pokémon to safety, and they learn its story… The Mythical Pokémon Keldeo is on a mission to rescue its friends – Cobalion, Terr...
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