June 15, 2024

A New Beyblade Movie is coming To Marvel HQ India !

metal fight
World Television Premiere on July 31 at 6:18 pm

[  Indian Television Premiere  ]

Marvel HQ India Lists Metal Fight Beyblade The Movie : ” Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader ” on July 31 at 6:18pm on their TV schedule. This Film is the second Beyblade film following Beyblade: The Movie – Fierce Battle & It based on the Beyblade: Metal Masters anime of Beyblade Metal saga.

Marvel HQ India first premiered this season ( Beyblade metal masters ) on July 10 at 3:30pm with multiple Episodes but later they finished the season’s first run on the channel in a few days by airing it on usual as well as multiple time slots. The third Season of Beyblade Metal saga called : ” Beyblade Metal Fury ” is currently airing on the channel.

About The Movie :-

A mysterious group finds a Beybladenamed “Sol Blaze” in a lost ruins from the ancient age.
A boy in the group, Helios, acquires Sol Blaze.
He learns that a legendary Pegasus wing is needed to open
the door to the new era and to re-build their lost Atlantis.Helios joins a tournament where Gingaand his friends had attended, and defeats everyone including Ginga.
In the match with Ginga, Heliosbecomes certain that
Pegasis(Ginga’sbeyblade) is the legendary Pegasus wing.Ginga, after learning what Helios is trying to achieve, goes after Helios to stop his plan.
Can Gingasave the world?

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