June 15, 2024

Disney channel India’s Sister channel , Hungama TV , the Flagship Channel has announced via Promo that they will be Premiering ” Pokémon The Movie :- Victini And Reshiram ” , Which is the 14th movie instalment of Pokemon franchise on June 20 , Saturday at 10am!

Pokémon BW – Victini And Reshiram , June 20 at 10am!

The plots of the movie features Ash and his friends, Cilan and Iris, arriving in Eindoak Town to compete in Eindoak Town’s battle tournament. On their quest, they meet the mythical Pokémon Victini and Damon, a man who aims to use Victini for its power. To add to that, Damon has convinced Reshiram (in White—Victini and Zekrom) and Zekrom (in Black—Victini and Reshiram) to help him.

It has been 6 months since last pokémon movie,i.e – Pokémon Movie 13 Zoroark : Master of Illusion was released by Hungama TV in January 2020 ! Hungama TV Will Premiere Pokémon Black and White Season on its Network soon.

Pokémon is contents & products are licensed by dream theatre company & TV series/Movies ‘s rights are currently operating under Disney India( 19 seasons & 17 movies excluding the spin-off & special ones ) & Netflix India ( pokémon Mewtwo Stikes back evolution )

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