June 15, 2024


Disney Channels In Signapore Shut Down To Make Way For Disney+ !

Another Disney Channel, Disney Junior & Disney XD bite the dust.

Disney Channel, Disney XD & Disney Junior ceased transmission in SIngapore on 31 May 2020, on both Singtel and StarHub due the upcoming arrival of Disney+ on Signapore

The news of the split came via Disney on its Disney Junior Asia Facebook page, where it wrote:

To our viewers subscribed to Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Go Disney on Singtel and StarHub, we are disappointed to confirm that the Disney Channels have been removed from their platforms. We worked hard to come to a fair agreement, and despite their decision, we will continue efforts to make our content available in Singapore.

The decision to have the aforementioned Disney channels removed from StarHub and Singtel’s platform is most probably due to the looming threat of Disney+ on the horizon, with the streaming network already releasing in Japan by rebranding its existing streaming service, Disney Deluxe.
Source :- Disney Television Animation News

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