June 15, 2024

Disney to cease the transmission of Disney XD in Australia in January as it will be removed from Foxtel on 6 January 2019 !

Disney will be moving many of its Disney XD shows to Disney Channel and ceasing Disney XD at 6am Sunday January 6 2019. In addition, much of the current Disney XD content will continue to be available On Demand.

Disney XD favourites will find a new home on the Disney channel

As of Sunday 6 January 2019, Disney XD will no longer be part of the Foxtel service.

Disney has made the decision to stop broadcasting Disney XD in Australia. However, many of the shows are on the move to the Disney Channel making it the uber-channel to watch your favourite Disney content. Now the older kids have a single destination for the all the Disney content they know and love.

From 6am on 6 January, you will see an onscreen message on Disney XD informing you the channel is now closed. This is for both the broadcast service (via your set-top box) and Foxtel Now, but you will be able to catch your favourite shows on the Disney Channel or On Demand.

Below is the content that will move across on 6 January.

• Walk the Prank
• Spider-Man
• Avenger’s Assemble
• Guardians of the Galaxy
• Hulk and the Agents of SMASH
• Star Wars Rebels
• Star Wars Resistance
• Pokémon: Sun & Moon

* Not only DXD Australia , but also Disney XD Asia & India are facing the similar situation.There is a chance that they may Discontinue this channel in 2019….. Because As for asian Feed, You may have noticed some programming has already found its way across to the Disney Channel in Asia & as for Indian Feed , some of the latest Seasons of Marvel shows have not Aired yet on Disney XD like Spider man Season 2 , Avengers, Star wars Rebels & Black Panther…etc


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