June 15, 2024

Sony ’s Animax Asia snatched up the latest seasons of the globally successful phenomenon, YO-KAI WATCH (95 x 30’) & Inazuma Eleven Ares (26×30’), a toon based on a football RPG, following its top rating success in Japan. Animax Asia’s acquisition includes the latest season, “Shadow Side”.

The “Shadow Side” plot starts “thirty years later”, introducing new characters and storylines around Keita’s son, ‘Keisuke. With the help of Keisuke’s special watch, he experiences the weird and wonderful phenomena taking place all over town! He learns to summon these mysterious Yo-kai to unveil the light and dark, bringing all-new adventures.

Additionally, allowing the original loyal audiences of YO-KAI WATCH and Inazuma Eleven to continue watching their cult series as they grow older is quite a pleasure. Sony’s Animax Asia is the perfect broadcast partner to continue serving this loyal crowd of viewers. More sales are to soon be announced in the upcoming market!” said Bomanbridge Media CEO Sonia Fleck.


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