June 15, 2024

Breaking! The first teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super’s next movie is here, and it gives fans their first-look at Goku’s next adventure after the Tournament of Power.

As you can see, Dragon Ball Super is still going to be around even after its TV series ends this weekend. The franchise plans on continuing with the first Dragon Ball Super film, and it seems a lot will go down in this feature. Not only will a brand-new creative team take over its art style, but Goku will get an entirely new design and a new villain will be introduced as well.

The trailer above shows just a snippet of the new film. Goku is seen preparing for battle on a deserted wasteland, and the icy tundra marks a very different kind of battlefield for Goku. The hero can be seen prepping for battle as he jumps in place, and then the movie’s big baddie is shown way above the Saiyan. The guy isn’t shown, but he looks plenty muscular and appears to be wearing a variation of Saiyan armor.

The reel ends with Goku charging forward, saying that it is time to get started. Little other information was shared about the film aside from this footage, but it goes without saying that fans are still hyped. The long-awaited movie will carry on the name of Dragon Ball Super after its TV installment goes on break, and it looks like the feature will have plenty of Saiyan goodies to unpack. So, here’s to hoping fans get even more information about the movie sooner rather than later.

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