June 15, 2024

After TNT Thailand’s( which was previouslyknown as Toonami Thailand & it had Shut down on January 1st, 2018) Broadcast Termination in Thailand on January 1st, 2018 , Toonami Asia will cease transmission from 31 March, 2018 on all Pay TV serives/Cables in Entire SEA Countries because of the costs of running TV broadcast. Toonami India will also face the same fate soon.

Here’s the official statement from Turner Asia:-

The Toonami Channel and its on-demand services in Southeast Asia will cease transmission at the end of March. Thank you to all our fans for watching and all of your amazing support.


Toonami Asia to shut down its services at the end of March..

Check out Cartoon Network and Boomerang for more great kids entertainment.Besides that Toonami India will face the same fate soon in India but It’s not clear when exactly it will be shutting its servicedown.Maybe in summer or earlier than that.

R.I.P. Toonami Asia ( 2012 – 2018 )


The move comes after a decline in viewership ratings in the past year.Despite efforts to improve viewership by revamping the Channel’s Contents, Toonami continuesto consistently garner the lowest audience among other Turner’s kids channel becauseof low GRPs and minimum viewership. Also, the channel lacked Sponsors & New shows.that same goes for Toonami India channel.

that’s the reason Why They Cancelled

English Dubbed of DB Super Bang Zoom English Dub) on Network.

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